Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ranking the Top 10 Players in Each Position- Right Wings

I conclude this five part series with the best right wings in the NHL.

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the deepest position in the league. All-stars and trophy-winners galore are in this position. So let's get started!

Honorable Mentions:
Tyler Seguin- The young Boston Bruin not named Tuuka Rask is very dangerous, as he proved last year in the Caps-B's series. He is part of a group of rising right wings who could become stars.
Jordan Eberle- He hasn't really gotten much press on the East Coast, but he has been a weapon for a hapless Edmonton Oilers team. He is really close to the Top 10 in my opinion.
Jakub Voracek- Acquired in one of the Columbus trades, Voracek had a breakout year for Philly last year, and could be a real threat with Claude Giroux on the top line.
Jarome Iginla- He is still dangerous, but he is also old, and plays for a team where everybody is a star.
Jaromir Jagr- Even two years ago, he would be in the Top 10, but as a 41 year old with Boston, he is more of just an added threat than a sensational scorer.

10. Rick Nash- It's hard to put Nash up here above the Honorables, but there is no argument that he is a superstar. He was fantastic for Columbus before being traded, and despite the bad press, had a good 2013 season.
9. James Neal- On a second line with Evgeni Malkin and (now) Jarome Iginla, Neal has flourished with Pittsburgh after years as a solid point-producer with Dallas. He could be higher, but I don't want to put him higher.
8. Phil Kessel- Kessel and Neal are very similar, save for one thing; Kessel is the Maple Leafs. Nazem Kadri had a breakout year last year, and Dion Phaneuf is a bruising defenseman, but Kessel is still the biggest threat on the Leafs, and if Toronto builds around him, he could be even better.
7. Teemu Selanne- The ageless Selanne is one of the greatest players of all time, and continues to put up solid numbers with Anaheim. He has not been scoring as much as he did in his earlier years, but he is still a superstar.
6. Martin St. Louis- Another golden oldie on this list, St. Louis is 38 but has come off of one of the best years of his career. He won the Art Ross trophy for leading point-scorer, and although he does not have much hockey left, he will continue to be a key cog in a Bolts team with Steven Stamkos.
5. Marian Hossa- One of two star right wing Blackhawks, Hossa is the player that everybody loves to hate. But the fact is, he is one of the hardest workers in the league, and when he's on his game, he is as dangerous as anybody in this league.
4. Corey Perry- By far, he is Anaheim's biggest weapon. Perry is an absolutely scary player to go up against, as he, like the rest of the top four, can change the scope of the game by himself. He is a former Hart Trophy winner, and a few more could be on the way.
3. Ilya Kovalchuck- He is Russian, expensive, and plays for New Jersey; the perfect recipe for every hockey fan to hate. Despite this,  he is one of the best players in the league. He has had injury scares which keep him from being higher up, but don't forget that he took Atlanta to the playoffs. Atlanta.
2. Patrick Kane- He is arrogant, inconsistent, and really annoying to everybody outside of Chicago, but he is mega-talented, and when he is on a hot streak (like he has been in these playoffs), he is virtually impossible to stop. But those inconsistencies keep him from #1, which goes to...
1. Alex Ovechkin- Well, who did you think I would put in here?

So what do you think? Put your thoughts/rankings in the comments. Thanks for reading this series, and stay tuned for more analysis!

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