Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Caps/Jets Preview and Predictions

You know what sucks? When out of the three games you don't do previews for, the Caps win two of them.

Today, however, I'm not gonna let that happen, as the Caps travel to Winnipeg to play former division rival Jets at 8:00. Both teams have struggled in the early going, and this will be a game the Caps have to win.

Let's get right to the predictions.

Me (1-4): 5-3 Caps. I missed out on two wins, but that should not happen today. The Jets do not have a very strong offense, averaging 2.30 goals per game, and their defense, although better, is averaging 2.80 goals allowed per game. The Caps, who are scoring 2.50 goals per game, have to be able to take advantage of a subpar defense by converting on the power play, but that will be easier said than done, because the Jets have an 82.0% PK. All in all, these are two pretty evenly matched teams, but I expect the Caps to continue their strong play of late and take a win.

TI-84 (5-0): 4-3 Jets. What is this guy's secret? Beats me, but I certainly hope his winning streak ends today.

Magic Eraser (2-3): 4-1 Jets. What makes this whole situation even sadder is that the eraser has a better record than me. Again, though, I hope that changes.

Tune in at 8:00 to watch two old division rivals tangle and here's hoping for a win!

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