Saturday, March 22, 2014

Revisiting my Preseason Picks

On August 16, while I was bored out of my mind waiting for the Caps to sign Mikhail Grabovski, I made my official picks for the season. Here's the link:

In case you don't want to read it, suffice to say I was as wrong as anybody who picked Duke to win the NCAA Championship this year (which WASN'T me, thank you very much). Just for kicks (for you guys, anyways), let's see how my picks compare against the current (as of 7:00 ET Saturday) NHL standings with only a few weeks left in the season.

Preseason Metropolitan Prediction:                                       Current Metropolitan Standings:
1. Pittsburgh Penguins                                                           1. Pittsburgh Penguins
2. New York Rangers                                                            2. Philadelphia Flyers
3. Washington Capitals                                                          3. New York Rangers
4. New York Islanders                                                           4. Columbus Blue Jackets
5. Columbus Blue Jackets                                                      5. Washington Capitals
6. Philadelphia Flyers                                                             6. New Jersey Devils
7. Carolina Hurricanes                                                           7. Carolina Hurricanes
8. New Jersey Devils                                                             8. New York Islanders

Heh. At least I got the Penguins and Hurricanes right. I was also only one off for the Rangers and Blue Jackets. Still...

Now for the Eastern Conference, which I'll only do the Top 8 for (because that's what I did in the preseason):

Preseason Conference Prediction:                                         Current Conference Standings:
1. Pittsburgh Penguins                                                           1. Boston Bruins
2. Boston Bruins                                                                    2. Pittsburgh Penguins
3. New York Rangers                                                            3. Tampa Bay Lightning
4. Ottawa Senators                                                                 4. Philadelphia Flyers
5. Washington Capitals                                                          5. Montreal Canadiens
6. Montreal Canadiens                                                           6. New York Rangers
7. New York Islanders                                                           7. Toronto Maple Leafs
8. Detroit Red Wings                                                             8. Detroit Red Wings

On the bright side, I got five of the current playoff-position teams right. On the other hand, I had the Senators (13th in the conference) and Islanders (14th) in as well.

I admit I was wrong. Like, really wrong. But hey, while the Islanders can't make the playoffs, there's not telling what can happen in the next few weeks. And if my prediction turns out as planned, then who's the one laughing now, huh?

Yeah, probably still you.

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