Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Presents for Each Team: Pacific Division

Christmas is almost upon us. Most of us have already picked out what we want and sent our lists to Santa Claus.

But what does each hockey team want? Let's go through a division-by-division look at what each NHL team needs Santa to bring them for Christmas, starting with the Pacific.

Anaheim Ducks: A breakthrough. The Ducks are number one in the top division in the league. They need something to help push them past the Sharks and Kings for the division crown.

Los Angeles Kings: Dustin Brown. The Kings captain has been struggling so far this year, although nobody has really noticed that with the rest of the offense doing great and the goaltending absolutely phenomenal. However, it's not likely that kind of play will continue, and Brown will have to step it up the rest of the way to help the Kings in the tough division.

San Jose Sharks: Health for Hertl. Tomas Hertl has been arguably the best rookie in the league so far this year, and is probably the frontrunner for the Calder. However, he got injured a few days ago. Although the Sharks have more than enough offensive firepower and good goaltending to make up for it against most teams in the league, against LA or Anaheim they will need as much star-power as possible.

Vancouver Canucks: Goaltending depth. The Canucks are depending on Roberto Luongo right now for their goaltending, and while he is certainly good, he is also inconsistent. His backup is unproven Eddie Lack. Nobody knows why exactly the Canucks traded Cory Schneider to New Jersey for a first round draft pick (which they didn't even use on a goalie), but that trade is looking pretty bad right now. The Canucks may be in the market for a new goaltender, and they'll want Santa to get them a good one (maybe like a certain backup Caps goalie who apparently wants out...)

Phoenix Coyotes: Exposure. Quite honestly, the Coyotes really don't need anything on the ice; sure, they could always use more offensive depth, but the most pressing issue for them is the lack of attendance and all the problems they are having with marketing. Santa, if you read this, help these poor guys out, won't you?

Calgary Flames: Prospects. The Flames are officially in rebuilding mode, and although they have some of the best prospects, including Johnny Gaudreau, Sven Baertschi, and Sean Monahan, they need more young talent to officially continue their rebuild. They need to stock up on prospects and draft picks, and that's really what they need the most right now.

Edmonton Oilers: Goaltenders. Any goaltender is better than who they have now (OK, maybe not anybody; Rick DiPietro may not exactly be an upgrade). Devan Dubnyk is not a starting goalie in this league, and the Oilers really need to be going all in for a goalie like Vancouver.

Well, these are the Christmas lists for the Pacific Division. Stay tuned for more in the upcoming days, and Happy Holidays!

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