Friday, February 13, 2015

Pre-OV Semifinal 1: #1 4OT loss vs. #4 Esa Tikkanen's miss

Starting the matches in the Pre-OV era, first is the 1 vs. 4; the grueling 4OT loss to Pittsburgh in Game 4 in 1996 and the missed empty net shot by Esa Tikkanen. I'll be comparing them on different aspects, and declare a winner (loser?) at the end.

So let's begin!

The 4OT was in Game 4, a win in which would have given the Caps a 3-1 lead in the series, which the much improved Caps team may not have blown this time.
Tikkanen missed the shot in Game 2, a win in which would have tied up the series at 1 game each going back to Capital Centre. However, it's hard to know that the Caps would have won that series anyways. Still, it was the Stanley Cup.
Advantage: Push

This sort of goes along with importance, but is a little bit different. Like I said earlier, a 4OT win would have given the Caps a 3-1 series lead which they probably wouldn't have given up.
Tikkanen's shot may not have changed the impact of the series, considering that the Caps were not even supposed to have made it there, let alone give the Red Wings a run for their money.
Advantage: 4OT

Shock Factor:
The Caps had a 2-1 lead after the second period. Mario Lemieux had been ejected. Joe Juneau had a penalty shot. In OT. This loss was an absolute stunner.
With Tikkanen's shot, eh. A Caps win would have been a huge shock, but the loss was not really. The ending was surprising, but the tying goal was scored with almost 5 minutes left.
Advantage: 4OT

Grudge/Hate Factor:
I don't even need to analyze this.
Advantage: 4OT

For me, the winner is the 4OT loss to Pittsburgh. Tikkanen missing was stunning and deeply upsetting, but considering the impact, improbability, and hate between the teams involved, the 4OT loss was worse to Caps fans than Tikkanen missing the shot. 

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