Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Trade Away Martin Erat

Ed. Note: This was almost titled How to Get Rid of Martin Erat, but the author felt that was a little harsh. Anyways...

This morning, Martin Erat announced he wasn't satisfied with his playing time and requested a trade to a better Stanley Cup contender. First of all, good luck Martin, wherever you go, and I completely agree with you that this situation was mishandled. But, that's not the point right now, I'm not trying to go on a rant on GMGM, Adam Oates, and how STUPID they are for trading away a star prospect for a good player they played of the fourth line or scratched for most of the season and now he is requesting a trade and...

But I regress. My goal for this is to propose some trades which would be a win-win-win for the Caps, Erat, and the other team. So without further ado...

1. To San Jose- Martin Erat
To Washington- Matt Tennyson, mid to late-round 2014 draft pick
Tennyson is San Jose's top defensive prospect, and the Caps need good defensemen. Unfortunately, it is unlikely the Sharks would send him away, but stranger things have happened (like a team trading away one of the most talented prospects in the league for a 4th line prospect and a 30-year-old winger).

2. To Boston- Martin Erat, mid-round 2014 draft pick
To Washington- Joe Morrow, first/second-round 2014 draft pick
Again, the Caps will need to pay a price to get a good, young defenseman, but this trade is not too bad. The Bruins have a lot of talented prospect, and getting Erat would shore up a fairly thin wing with players such as Carl Soderberg and Reilly Smith.

3. To Pittsburgh- Martin Erat
To Washington- Derrick Pouliot
This may be a potential black hole for the Caps, as Pouliot may not pan out, and as a one-to-one deal this is dangerous. However, Pouliot is one of the top defensive prospects in the league, and it's not like the Caps haven't taken risks before.

4. To Chicago- Martin Erat, third round 2014 draft pick
To Washington- Kris Versteeg
This is one of the least probable deals on here, but since the Blackhawks do not have a great prospect pool, they may be able to make use of Erat to shore up a shallow wing and use the pick to improve their prospects. Still, Versteeg may be too high a price, especially since he was just traded here.

What do you think? Who should the Caps get for Erat? Want to rant about how stupid GMGM and Adam Oates have been? Whatever it is, put it in the comments.

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