Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What to be Thankful For

The Caps are in their 39th year in the NHL. In honor of Thanksgiving, the Caps have had a lot to be thankful for during their time. Here is what I, as a Caps fan, am thankful for:

  • Thank you, Rod Langway, for helping to keep the Caps in DC
  • Thank you, Dale Hunter, for the most important goal in Caps history
  • Thank you, Peter Bondra, for being the best darn 6th round pick there is
  • Thank you, Olaf Kolzig, for 15 awesome years
  • Thank you, Joe Juneau, for giving the Caps a shot at glory
  • Thank you, NHL, for not letting the Florida Panthers pick Alex Ovechkin in 2003
  • Thank you, 2004 draft lottery, for giving the Caps the number one overall pick
  • Thank you, Sergei Fedorov, for helping the Caps to a series win
  • Thank you, Joel Ward, for knocking out the defending champs
  • Thank you, Adam Oates (and Mike Milbury), for sparking the best player in the world again
  • Thank you, Washington Capitals, for 39 amazing years
  • And thank you, Caps fans everywhere, for being the best fans in the world year-in and year-out
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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