Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ranking the Top 10 Athletes in DC

I love rankings. They're awesome ways to compare people without really insulting anyone, unless they're unusually touchy.

I also love DC sports. It's true the Caps are my favorite team, and they're the team I follow the most, and follow the closest, but I'm waiting for the day the Redskins, Nationals, or Wizards will win a championship. I cried with the city when the Nats blew that lead last year and cringed with the city when RG3 tore his ACL in January. I love DC sports.

DC has some of the best talent in the USA, and here is my ranking:

Honorable Mentions:
Gio Gonzalez- He had a sensational last year, but a subpar start to the year leaves him out of the Top 10.
Braden Holtby- He was fantastic last year, but lack of experience keeps him out for now.
Bradley Beal- He's the second best player on the Wizards, but he could make this list soon.
Ryan Zimmerman- I love the guy, but he's leaving me hanging on what he can do. He's a tough cut, though.

10. Brian Orakpo- Injury troubles have kept him out of many games, but he's been stellar when he's played.
9. Mike Green- He's one of the best players on the Caps, but injury and inconsistency keep him from being higher.
8. Stephen Strasburg- There was a lot of hype, and he's still our ace, although he's underperformed this year.
7. John Wall- The Wizards' troubles aside, he has still been very good for a bad team.
6. Jordan Zimmerman- He's been our ace this year and was great last year despite being overshadowed by Gio and Strasburg.
5. Alfred Morris- He was a stud last year, finishing second in the league in yards and was a finalist for Rookie of the Year. He'll be a great starting Running Back.
4. Nicklas Backstrom- Not sure if he should be this high, but he has a lot of experience, and the sky is the limit when he's with OV.
3. Bryce Harper- Harper is amazing. He's my favorite National, and but for injuries, he may have been higher.
2. RG3- He was sensational last year, and but for him, the Skins would have been in the cellar last year. Injuries and inexperience keep him from the top spot, which goes to...
1. Alex Ovechkin- Who else do you expect here? All he needs to solidify his Hall of Fame status is a Stanley Cup. And hopefully that will be coming soon.

What do you think? Put your thoughts/ rankings in the comments. 

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