Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The People Have Voted...

A week ago, I graded the Washington Capitals and gave three great candidates for 'valedictorian.' Well, the results of the poll are in, and I quite agree, that this year's valedictorian is:

Alex Ovechkin.

If you want to see all the reasons I chose him, you can go back and see that post as well as the one about why he will win the Hart trophy, but in a nutshell...

  • He won the Richard Trophy for top goal scorer despite 'struggling' the first half of the year
  • He all but carried the Caps to a division crown and playoff berth
  • He is a finalist for the Hart trophy for league MVP
  • He finished third in the league in points

Braden Holtby and Steven Oleksy also did fantastic, but Ovechkin really deserves it this year.

Now let's just get a Stanley Cup to go along with it, OK?

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