Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Alex Ovechkin Makes the First All-Star Team and the Second All-Star Team; Wait, What?

The NHL released the first and second all-star teams this afternoon. For those of you who don't know, this is not the All-Star Game teams, which are voted on by the fans. These are voted on by the Professional Hockey Writers Association (PHWA), so its' legit; well, at least more legit.

Here is the First Team:
G- Sergei Bobrovsky
D- PK Subban
D- Ryan Suter
LW- Chris Kunitz
C- Sidney Crosby
RW- Alex Ovechkin

Not really many surprises here, although in my opinion Kunitz does not deserve to be in the First Team, but considering who was in the second team at LW, well...

Second Team:
G- Henrik Lundqvist
D- Kris Letang
D- Francois Beauchemin
LW- Alex Ovechkin
C- Jonathan Toews
RW- Martin St. Louis

Wait, what? Most of this list is OK, although a part of me feels that Mike Green should have been in here rather than Beauchemin. If he hadn't been injured, he may have been able to make this team.

But why is Ovechkin on both teams? The NHL world erupted, wondering why this happened. Finally, Katie Carrera of the Washington Post broke what happened:

All the voters received a memo saying that if they voted for Ovechkin, to vote for him as a Right Wing. Of course, there are always those few people who vote for OV as a Left Wing, except there were 45. Yup. 45 out of 178 people voted for OV as a LW despite the fact that they were told not to. The correct 2nd team LW should have been Taylor Hall of Edmonton, not OV.

That being said, congrats OV, and congrats everyone who made either of these teams (you too, Taylor). If you want to read Carrera's full story, here's the link:

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