Saturday, October 5, 2013

After a Brief Hiatus... Predictions for Tonight

First of all, sorry for missing the game on Thursday. I ran out of time before the game started.

But, I'm here today, so here are the predictions for today's match.

Me (0-1): 5-3 Caps. The Stars are an odd bunch, and are very different from their teams the last few years. Their goaltending is not sensational, but can get the job done with Kari Lehtonen. Their offense took a big hit when they lost Loui Eriksson and Brenden Morrow last year, and their D has not been all that great either. Tyler Seguin will be looking to make a big impact in his new environs, but with a red-hot OV and Grabo for the Caps, this game could be over already.

TI-84 (1-0): 6-5 Stars (SO). The TI picks the same score as it did against the Hawks. A bad omen? Eh. Probably not.

Magic Eraser (0-1): 4-2 Stars. This is why erasers do not have brains.

Enjoy the game, and let's hope for a solid outing like that one in Chicago.

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