Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let The Games Begin; Last Minute Prediction for Opening Night

As you all know, the season begins for the Caps in a few minutes from now.

Per Katie Carrera, there are some surprises in the lineup, with all three rookies making their regular season debuts in Connor Carrick, Michael Latta, and Tom Wilson. Martin Erat will be on the 4th line for today, and Brooks Laich will play on the second line.

Some thoughts...

This game has been scrutinized for a while for some reason, and there has been a lot of excitement for the Caps' first foray into Metropolitan Division life with a good opening night match against the defending champs.

Some predictions:

Me: 3-2 Caps. People (those on Bleacher Report especially; looking at you Steve Silverman) seem to think losing Mike Ribeiro will absolutely kill the Caps and they do not have a chance against the defending champs. But the bottom line is, both teams played well against each other in the preseason with split squads. It will be interesting to see who wins, but I think the Caps come out on top.

TI-84: 6-5 Hawks (SO). Meh. He's a calculator. What does he know?

Magic Eraser: 4-3 Caps (OT). Don't judge me. Or him.

Well, not much left to say, except...

Let the games begin.

1 comment:

  1. TI-84 was closest, minus the SO part

    It was a good game, a great way to start the season, I just wish it could've ended with a caps victory.

    Oh well, it's a full 82-game season, so we have plenty of hockey to go!